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Uwe Boll is widely considered by movie critics to be one of the worst movie directors of all-time, with some going so far as to beg and plead with him to stop directing movies.

Whilst no one likes negative reviews, Boll grew increasingly tired and frustrated with the thousands of vicious reviews, and so he did what everyone does when they have a problem – he challenged his critics to a series of boxing matches. Amazingly, four critics agreed with one saying, “Frankly, I have nothing better to do with weekend.”

Golden Palace Casino heard about the challenge and stepped in to sponsor the fights, which resulted in worldwide coverage of the much-hyped Prestigefights.

With over 30 years experience in the boxing ring, Boll was always going to be a strong favorite. He pulled no punches in the four bouts, systematically dispatching his opponents to the mat. The movie critics who accepted the challenge were:

Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka –

Jeffrey Sneider –

Chris Alexander – Rue Morgue magazine

Chance Minter – a 17-year-old (his mother closely watched the bout)

Not a single opponent lasted more than two rounds, and every fight ended by Knockout or Technical Knockout.

We’re not sure what exactly Boll hoped to prove with his challenge, apart from his ability to knockout complete amateurs, but the story itself is quite interesting, and we can thank him for that. Hopefully, we can use that adjective about one of his movies one day…

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